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Umbrelic Entertainment was formed with one simple objective: to responsibly invest in film and television ventures as the entertainment landscape is redefined in the digital age. We specialize primarily in production and finance, with focus on development, packaging, pre-sale monetization, private bonding, and gap assistance.

Though not a sales company by trade, we are a company that sells to distribution channels and financial partners, in order to give each project mitigated risk and a base-threshold of market exposure. 

In addition, we offer post-production packages and service global delivery of content through our post-production arm, OUTPOST X. By doing so, we are able to guarantee contractual fulfillment on all projects and provide an additional level of security to both filmmakers and financiers. 


With a presence in Los Angeles and Detroit, Umbrelic’s main mission is to bring the same, secure investment opportunities that major banks have utilized for decades, and place the formula for success in the hands of independent, non-coastal investors, broadening their portfolio. In turn, we will use this to fill an underserved niche in Hollywood: mid-tier and micro-budget projects. By adopting and perfecting this well-established financial model, we are able to offer our financial partners something that other companies cannot:



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